TIO Bioplastikust hambahari - Sinine/Medium

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Kaubamärk:  TIO
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Keskkonnasõbralik, BPA (bifenool A) ja muude tervisele ohtlike kemikaalide vaba. Pehmed harjased on valmistatud bioloogiliselt lagunevast nailonist. NB! Hambaharja on soovitatav vahetada iga 3 kuu tagant.


The high-low profile and slightly tilted head of this biodegradable toothbrush created by TIO ensure optimum cleaning performance. The bristles have a medium stiffness that serves to reach every corner of your teeth. The material used for the brush head is mainly sourced from plants that are developed into organic plastic. The bristles are made of eco-friendly castor oil. Furthermore, fossil-based raw materials and synthetic softeners are avoided making this toothbrush safe to use.

A package like no package
The minimal packaging causes little waste – in fact, almost none. That’s because after unpacking, it becomes a fully-fledged, hygienic travel cap. It protects your toothbrush on the road and keeps it clean. The cap made of sugarcane is recyclable, so if you want to get rid of it: Put it in recycling so it has a chance of being revived.

Bristles of tomorrow
Our bristles consist of 100% renewable raw materials and are based on castor oil. It’s extracted from seeds of the fast-growing wonder tree. Castor oil is a completely renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water, uses only a small acreage of farmland and is therefore perfectly suited for a future of sustainable agriculture.

Head of innovation
Based on FSC certified wood and therefore biodegradable, the material of our toothbrush head is certified compostable according to EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400, should it ever end up in the environment. Completely free of harmful plasticizers and certified BPA-free.

Sweet handle
Produced from sugar cane instead of crude oil. One ton of this renewable material can store up to 3.09 tons of CO₂ while growing and thereby reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable from top to bottom
Our innovative, replaceable brush head mechanism saves 70% waste – per head – and lets the environment shine as brightly as your teeth.

The cap, handle and the foil of the cap can be disposed of in the package recycle bin. Although the material of our brush heads is theoretically compostable, bioplastics in Estonia are unfortunately not yet allowed to be disposed of in the bio bin. As long as this has not been done, the replaceable heads are best kept in residual waste, above which they end up in thermal utilization.
Good to know: Since TIO is based on plants and plants bind a lot of CO2 during photosynthesis, thermal recycling only releases (almost) the entire amount of CO₂ that was bound by the plants during growth – thus TIO toothbrushes are almost CO₂ neutral.

A sustainable material innovation
All materials used are made from fast growing plants whose photosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere while releasing pure oxygen. Furthermore, the radical reduction of fossil based raw oil and additives like BPA ensures that all materials are both good for the planet, and good for your health.

Replacing the brush heads is easy: simply use the pin at the bottom of your new TIO head to release the worn-out brush head with a little pressure. Pull the old head out of the handle and replace it with a new one.

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