Marga Meadow puidust rong Tutu

Hind: 8,20 €
Tootekood:  MMTutu
Kaubamärk:  Marga Meadow
Ühik:  tk
Kogus (tk):  
TUTU - Colourful and extravagant creature. Likes to show off. Tans under the Moon. Loves to repeat words starting with Z, even if he does not understand exactly what it means.

The Groundies series consists of five different toy trains – each with its own character. The Groundies have a story – they are special trains that live under the ground and come out from their small caves only during the night. At night, while everyone else is asleep, the Groundies are out, on the go, having adventures.

Our toy trains have magnets in the front and in the back. The toys are designed to fit standard wooden railway systems used by most manufacturers such as Brio, Chuggington, Thomas and Friends etc. The same compatibility standard is also produced by IKEA. The height of the trains is optimal to go under the bridges and tunnels of the standard wooden railway infrastructure. The same counts for the height of the magnet – our trains will easily stick to all toy trains of the same category.

The Groundies are packed in recycled cardboard. We do not use excessive packaging, no plastic details and only one colour. 

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