Nested Massažihari kuivharjamiseks - Pink

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Tootekood:  NestedPink
Kaubamärk:  Nested
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Nested kehahari on ideaalne keha kuivharjamiseks, aidates ära hoida tselluliiditeket, lahti saada toksiinidest ja stimuleerida vereringet.
Harja keha alati südame suunas, alustades jalgadest.
Harjased on valmistatud Tampico kiududest.

​Nested Short Body Brush is ideal for dry body brushing, helping to prevent the build up of cellulite, remove toxins and stimulate healthy circulation.

Dry body massage accelerates the process of self-cleansing, stimulating the lymph and blood circulation, as well as cleansing and opening the pores.
This means:
  • faster removal of toxins from the body;
  • smoother skin;
  • more even skin color.
Dry body massage is an incredibly effective peeling that takes only 3 minutes a day. All cosmetics that you apply to the skin after a dry massage will work much more effectively and strongly. Body massage should be performed from the feet to the heart.
Hardness: medium.
Suitable for all skin types, except for particularly sensitive skin.

Natural materials.
All our brushes are of the highest quality thanks to the use of specially heat-treated wood. Bristle is a medium hard bristle that is good for all skin types. It is the perfect bristle to start brushing your body dry and get your skin accustomed to that kind of touch to slowly move on to the most effective weapon against cellulite: tampico (agave fibers). 

Remember that the brush is a personal care product and should be replaced regularly. In order not to generate garbage on our planet, we decided that our brushes will be 100% organic - they are not impregnated or chemically varnished. 
Do not wet your brush in water - it is natural wood and it can just crack. Instead, after each use, "shake it" and sprinkle it with, for example, tea oil with water or octanisept or ... just put it in the sun! Replace with a new one after a few months. Remember to brush your body always towards the heart, starting from the feet. 

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